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REVIEW: Rain Dance Festival, a unique and enlightening experience unlike any other

Modelled after eastern Australian festivals such as Earth Frequencies and Rainbow Serpent, the crew at Pulp Glitchin’ pieced together an impressive EDM line-with a focus on psytrance and drums ‘n’ bass. This, complimented by a marketplace full of independent and passionate owners, a stunning locale and most significantly, a community unlike any other, had provided an experience never to be forgotten.

Holey Moley Golf Club tees off in Perth!

Taking over the famed pub Elephant & Wheelbarrow with wall-to-wall miniature golf courses, Holey Moley Golf Club is Perth's newest novelty experience — and it needs to be on your bucket list! With a total of 27 unique holes spanning over 3 courses, all holes are themed with a remarkable pop culture twist. 

Cranking it up with The Creases

As well as smashing out hits from Tremelow, the admirably raucous quartet delivered signature tracks from their Gradient EP. Regardless, the band has come far over the years, with their unmistakable, frivolous sing-along songs and searing guitars, to their exploration of more striking threads.