Live Review: A Day On The Green is one for the ages, for all ages

Live Review: A Day On The Green is one for the ages, for all ages

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There are only so many musicians that one can feel strongly about — and for me, it’s got to be James Blunt.

From jamming out in the car with my Dad to singing ‘High’ at the top of my eight-year-old lungs, James Blunt has always been the holy provider of soul-wrenching love ballads ever since I could remember.

Headlining A Day On The Green with his The Afterlove tour, it was him (the one and only!) who could make us feel like it was heaven on earth. And it wasn’t just me who already knew that.


Having drawn in a hefty crowd, the event was packed to the brim with many bringing along great anticipation and a picnic in tow. Kings Park certainly thrives as a venue — and with the picturesque sunset backdrop and supports like Alex Lloyd and Busby Marou setting the scene, all that was left to do was find a spot to settle down. (Or, if you'd rather, enough room to sway around in the cool evening.)


Right off the bat, the legendary Pete Murray took to stage with full confidence, converting audiences into a ’Friday night crowd’ on what was very clearly on a Tuesday. The Queensland singer-songwriter was supported by his excellent band, who seemed to be in perfect synergy with him. He launched straight into ‘Blue Sky Blue’ with a voice that could melt butter.

With accompanying talent on guitar, bass, drums and keys, the boys amped up the acoustic fever with a few solos and incredible fingerwork. In fact, I’ve never seen a drummer give such life to a performance. After teasing hits such as ’So Beautiful’ and ‘Bail Me Out’, Busby Marou was invited back onto stage for a great rendition of ‘Opportunity’.

Of course, it was up to James Blunt to deliver a jaw-dropping set — in other words, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone involved. Though the English musician has been sharing his gifted voice for decades, it's not until you witness him live that you will truly understand his talent. Opening with 'Heart to Heart' and 'I'll Take Everything', Blunt brought a certain kind of beauty to the stage — the kind that would make you shed a tear.


James Blunt isn't quite part of the royal family, but he might as well be. With moving hits such as 'Wisemen' and 'Goodbye My Lover' belted out with full finesse, Blunt's vocal control alone could control the masses. While I’ve never taken a strong liking to The Afterlove, songs such as ‘Make Me Better’ and ‘OK’ definitely translated better live. Other tracks like 'Everybody's Talking' and 'Postcards' were handled greatly with cheeky commentary and a ukelele (respectively). From reminding us of love to empathising with our woes, James Blunt touched all our souls at once.

Finally, it was time to unveil more joyous strands after the ever-classic anthem 'You're Beautiful' — which definitely had couples choked up and kissing away. A stripped back version of '1973' and light-hearted performance of 'Stay The Night' had everyone convinced; despite his evolution throughout the years, James Blunt's talent is eternal. 'Bonfire Heart' had the show ending on a high note, with all our hearts full.

What a blessing it was to have him perform for us on his last night in Australia.

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