Howie Ng
Senior Editor, Film & TV
A real-life embodiment of fictional character Max Fischer from the Wes Anderson masterpiece Rushmore, Howie only understands the world through the filters of tv and film. Despite being a psychologist-in-training, Howie dreams of the day where he can run a small country where mandatory beanie-wearing is law. 


Rachel Yeo
Senior Editor, Music
Rachel is a full-time tea addict and freelance copywriter, whose most notable trait is rating chai lattes with a passion. Wherever possible, she will try to convert you into being an opshop enthusiast. She also feels strongly about her rescue dog (or dogs in general), and is likely to claw her way to the front at your local gig.


Daniel Morey
Senior Editor, Theatre
Dan is a music tragic, coffee addict, lover of words, confessed thespian, TV show binge watcher and procrastinator. In his spare time, he can probably be found in a cafe somewhere in Perth muttering to himself about music or the current state of Australian politics. That, or Lord of the Fries.


Sarah Marshman
Senior Editor, Lifestyle
During the week Sarah is a terrace trotting, officer of the court who pays a small fortune for F45 and yoga memberships. On the weekend she is engrossed in a foreign film or building an obscure Spotify playlist that no one really cares about. Importantly, Sarah abides strictly and ironically to the alignment of the stars.

Sean Coffey
Co-founder and Super Tech Support
Sean is an engineer by day, amateur gamer and film & TV enthusiast by night.  He loves rainy days, open-ended questions, politics and science. Can often be found destroying himself with a combination soft drink, fatty foods, a lack of exercise and seated in front of a screen of some kind. 


Rhys Tarling
Critic at Large
Rhys Tarling is Isolated Nation's critic-at-large and Spoiler Nation host. His hobbies include smiling politely at strangers on the bus and at parties, and wondering whether his enemies were right about him after all.


Sam Needs
Sam is supposed to say he’s some sort of writer and editor, but really he just wants to talk about comic books, podcasts, poetry, Dungeons and Dragons and maybe getting more into upcycling and going to live in the woods one day. That’d be really good.


Laila Nowell
By day she is a Health and Safety enforcer, but by night she is asleep. You'll likely win Laila over if you bring up comic books, board games, rock climbing, or Rupaul’s Drag Race. She's terrified of teenagers, celery, and writing her own bio.


Angelique Tuffnell
Angelique (who often goes by her self-appointed nom de plumme, Childish Angino) is an avid overwatcher of Netflix and overlistener of wax. She is impassioned with current world issues, puns, breakfast foods and op shop bargains to an off-putting extent. Angie spends most of her time reconsidering the point of her Honours Degree and deciding if she's enough of a masochist to do a PhD. 


Meg Neale
Meg is an abnormally small human who has a penchant for making your mum feel uncomfortable and a habit of stealing dogs as her own. She enjoys films and wine she can drink out of a cask. She is studying writing (no it's not journalism) and her goal is to stop falling over/breaking things as much.


Reuben Black
Visual Editor & Writer
Reuben is an avid urban enthusiast and a sucker for quirky aesthetics. A well-travelled photographer, writer and self-proclaimed music connoisseur by trade, he’s always on the grind for new content. You’ll usually find him trekking around Perth’s vast bushland with his handy camera and trusty drone or in your local cafe sipping on a cappuccino!


Ronan O'Neill
Science Nation Editor
Inquisitive and generally overexcited, Ronan spends his time between working on Master of Biotechnology project and writing on synthetic biology. Some call him an East Vic Park local, you can find Ronan at Antz Inya Pantz, The Balmoral, Noodle Combo, or a combination of all three. Ronan would call that a good day.


Rebecca Bowman
Bec is a reader and storyteller and voracious consumer of art in all its glorious forms. She can also be found presenting ArtBeat and AllCity on RTRFM, and works as a nurse with people experiencing homelessness around Perth. Bec is excited about the potential for art and music to create social change in marginalized communities, and so is (slowly) working towards an MBA in Social Impact.


Max Mairata
Max is a spirited, open-minded, witty and whimsical beard-stroking-while-philosophically-ranting nomad with a passion for exploration. Whether that be different countries, concepts or consciousness, he seeks out the unknown in the name of adventure! The love of his life, his dog, is named after a character from The Last Airbender and his favourite artist is Kanye West, but don’t worry, he doesn’t like Donald Trump either.


Fynn Ryan
Part man. Part machine. All cop. Fynn is an up and coming grizzled detective with a tragic past, until then he’s a film enthusiast with chronic fatigue. A lover of everything schlock, you can often find him at the cinemas stealing cardboard cutouts of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.


Joshua Peach
Howie took the above photograph. The man in it is Joshua Peach. He writes and edits here. If you need to get hold of him, this is your best bet. The beer was a pale ale – in case you were wondering. The photo is pretty good. The beer was alright.


Joseph Bergl
Often found concntrating on putting one foot in front of the other correctly, Joseph will not hesitate in telling you why Loveless by My Bloody Valentine is your favourite album. Located in a public library near you, you'll find him balancing his dumb responsibilities like studying with contradicting himself, saying the opposite of what he means and making awesome jokes.

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Sharmaine Tan
Sharmaine is a cat lover and TV addict. When she’s not writing up content, you can find her watching TV... with her cats. Her dreams include trying every pizza place in Perth and one day living in Japan again.


Daniela Koulikov
Assistant Editor
Daniela is passionate about soy milk, brunch and spring time. When she isn't busy copywriting, curating astrology memes or travelling far and wide, she's studying International Relations, Human Rights and Media in a Bachelor of Arts.


Luke Bartlett
Luke is a mechanical engineer, a cyclist and vinyl enthusiast. He has a sometimes crippling obsession with craft beer, real music and proper TV comedy. It's Always Sunny in Perth.

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Bella Mairata
Bella is a music and arts enthusiast, who enjoys saying yes to way too many opportunities at once and then overwhelming herself with a schedule jam packed with work at multiple jobs, politics and law studies, festivals and concerts to attend and a list of albums to listen to and books to read down to her ankles.


Joel Raja
Passionately involved with the music scene, Joel Raja also loves writing about it, attending live gig's and discussing the relevant culture affiliated. He specifies in the world of Hip Hop and truly believes the scene in Perth is one of the best and he would love to let the rest of the community know.


Liam Fawell
A kid who’s a little too addicted to travel and gets a bit too excited over a good film camera snap. You’ll catch him most days sipping almond milk hot chocolate, writing poems at aesthetic cafes and planning business ideas. Whether it’s at a music festival or in the back seat during a road trip, you’ll never see him without a camera in hand and a smile on his face.


Megan Kay
Self-confessed music snob with a contradictory pop-punk addiction. Your typical docs-wearing, vinyl-collecting, soy latte-drinking arts student. Can usually be found butchering guitar riffs, hunting down funky pairs of pants or convincing people to watch American Horror Story. Was once compared to Daria Morgendorffer and won’t let anyone forget it.