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An incredible night with an unfortunate fight- Smith Street Band Review and interview with frontman Wil Wagner

On Thursday night, we were lucky enough to catch Melbourne four-piece folk rockers, The Smith Street Band! On top of that, a few weeks ago we caught up with frontman Wil Wagner for a phone interview to discuss future plans for the band, the awful state of Australian politics and his passion for Hip Hop, among other things! You can check out our review of the show here, including a written transcript of the interview with Wil at the end.

The Waifs return with seventh LP ‘Beautiful You’ & Tour

One of Australia’s most loved touring bands The Waifs are returning in 2015 with their seventh LP ‘Beautiful You’, due for release August 14th via Jarrah Records/MGM Distribution. 6000 Miles is the first single off the LP, a stunning Australian anthem that finds Vikki Thorn contemplating the distance between her old home in Albany WA and her new one in Utah, USA. The Waifs are also set to go on tour this September through to November.

The John Butler Trio - Flesh and Blood

The album as a whole is no doubt a good listen, ranging from the trademark folky fingerpicking of album opener ‘Spring to Come’, through to gritty funk of ‘Livin’ in the City’ where John opens up on the ol’ electric guitar into a Hendrix-esque crescendo; And this occurs over the first two songs.

Ty Segall - 'Sleeper'

 “Sleeper” was all about a shift in focus; emotionally, symbolically and stylistically. The electric guitar and distortion pedals were traded in for an acoustic guitar. With this album there was certainly more time to think and reflect. 

Pond - 'Hobo Rocket'

At only 34 minutes long, you’d probably be thinking you’ve been swindled something a la Keyser Soze, but what you’re getting is 34 minutes of pure good music; which is probably what you’d get on a normal 50-60 minute record anyway. The music is real, and the album is a real gem.

Karnivool - 'Aysmmetry'

Just as “Sound Awake” was a departure from their 2005 debut “Themata”, “Asymmetry” is a step forward from “Sound Awake”; embracing the progressive side of metal even more so than its predecessor. The band has constructed a set of songs of immense sonic depth and diversity.


Kaki King - 'Glow'

Kaki has done an amazing job and has come a long way from her first album 'Everybody Loves You'. This new album just speaks to you and is honestly one of the best instrumental albums I've heard in a long time. What's great about King is that she really appeals to everyone...

Jonny Taylor - 'Something To Say'

 I think it’s great how it’s filled with topics that can sometimes be hard to talk about, things that affect normal people. It’s not superficial or fake; it’s just songs written by a normal guy, for normal people. (It is) Really refreshing in this day and age...