VIEWS of the Month- October

VIEWS of the Month- October

You Me At Six: Night People

British pop-rock band You Me At Six are back with their brand new single “Night People”. The band originally formed in 2004, and has been going from strength to strength ever since; with multiple awards from Kerrang!, MTV, and The BRITS only cementing their success.

The latest single from You Me At Six highlights a more edgy rock sound; with powerful guitars, and heavy bass acting as the backbone of the track. In typical You Me At Six fashion, the lyricism is still delivered with the same attitude and conviction, which the band has become known for. The slightly somber content of the track is a standout, with lyrics such as -

“It’s been a hell of a week I couldn’t bring myself to sleep. On the move with you, raise a glass to tomorrow’s blues”.

You Me At Six are one of those rare bands who actually get better with age; apparently a full album will not be released until February 2017, but if this latest single “Night People” is anything to go by, fans are in for a treat.

The Naked and Famous: Laid Low

The Naked and Famous had quite a following in the mid 2000’s; the bands electro rock sound was well received throughout Australia and overseas. Originally from New Zealand, The Naked and Famous have taken the last few years to musically regroup and focus on their new album “Simple Forms” which is released October 14th.  The band’s latest single “Laid Low” features their signature synth-pop sound; full of keyboards, guitar and rapid bass. Lead singer Alisa Xayalith applies her hard hitting, yet feminine vocal style, which brings this new single to life. With all the synth’s and keyboards that fill “Laid Low” it’s surprising how Xayalith’s vocals are not lost within the song; the vocals are paired well with the overall instrumental; the multiple layers of keyboards and synth’s within the song, really engage the listener.

I’m glad to see The Naked and Famous have not strayed too much from their electro-rock sound, which gained them a large amount of notoriety within the mid 2000’s, I have a high expectation for their new album.

Haliee Stienfeld & Grey, ft Zedd-  Starving.

Hailee Stienfeld is the definition of a triple threat; mostly know for her acting, the 19-year-old has landed multiple leading and supporting roles in a variety of films (Barley Lethal, Pitch Perfect 2, and True Grit). The California Native has also been the face of many clothing campaigns; but it’s her latest venture that has people talking. Teaming up with Grammy award winning producer Zedd, Haliee Stienfeld has released her breakout single “Starving”. This track really shows off Stienfeld’s cool, soulful vocals which are paired with a simple acoustic guitar. The acoustic feel of the track, soon transitions to a faced-paced dance infused instrumental, courtesy of producer Zedd.

Hailee Stienfeld seems to be intent on shedding her girl-next-door persona, her lyrical content is proof of this - “I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you. Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo; by the way, by the way you do things to my body”.

If you’re a fan of pop music Hailee Stienfeld will not disappoint, I think ‘Starving” is a great introduction to her musical ability; I can’t really fault this song.

Michael Strong- The Hedonic Treadmill

If you’re a lover of Perth-based music, then I’m sure you would recognize the name Michael Strong. This multi-talented musician has been involved innumerous musical projects over the last few years; not only is he the front-man of the immensely popular indie band “The Disappointed”, Michael has also gained quite a large following from his solo records.

Michael Strong’s latest solo release “The Hedonic Treadmill” sees him replace his signature folk-styled melodies, for a high energy, electro sound; while the delivery of the lyrical content seems to be influenced by a garage punk sound. The tracks fast passed bass, multiple break-beats, and synths, take the listener on a rollercoaster of sound. I find Strong’s musical production on this track, something of an art itself; “The Hedonic Treadmill” has a considerable number of layers, which somehow all flow together effortlessly.     

This latest release is taken from Strong’s upcoming solo album- Amalthea which should be set for release end of this year, or early 2017. Strong describes his latest full length solo project as “pop, industrial, and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) mashed into something indefinable”. 

 I think “The Hedonic Treadmill” takes a few listens, to really gain a full understanding of the multiple elements within the track; I find Strong’s solo material is where her really lets his musical creativity shine.   

Kiiara- Feels

Not all that much is known about Kiara Saulters (Kiiara), the 21-year-old started releasing music in late 2015, and has recently been signed to Atlantic Records. The American singer’s latest track “Feels” combines an urban/rap styled bass, with a slow electronic instrumental. I find the track to be quite dejected, due to the song content, and the delivery of the lyricism. Kiiara’s voice is quite angelic, so it’s quite a strange mix to hear such a voice pared with a rap style of production.

There is no faulting the Illinois local’s talent; she really attacks this track with her unique sound, I personally hear a lot of Drake influences within her music. Kiiara seems to be progressing into a mainstream market, frequently appearing on a multitude of popular music sites and blogs. With the release of Kiiara’s debut EP “Low Kii Savage” earlier this year; her music is only just gaining notoriety, it will be interesting to see how her musicality progresses with future releases.         

Ebony Day: Let Me Love You (Justin Bieber Cover)

Ebony Day is one of the artists who made it big in the YouTube era. Posting her first cover of Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” in 2009; Day’s polished vocals must have struck a chord with people, as the more covers she produced, the more followers she gained (her current YouTube fan base is over 300,000). In 2013 Ebony Day released her first solo E.P “The Beginning” which consisted of four original tracks; Day’s clean-cut, girl-next-door image, pared with her soft vocal tones, makes for the perfect female pop singer.   

Ebony Day’s most recent cover of Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You” provides a whole new take, on one of the year’s most popular song. The live cover features a slow piano melody; with Day showcasing her high falsetto, gives the track a more feminine feel. The slow balled style cover also sees the 23-year-old London native express a lot of emotion in the lyrical delivery; Ebony Day totally reinvented this track by incorporating her own unique style; some would argue that her rendition is better than the original.

Check out the full performance:

Chris Brown ft Bryson Tiller: Keep You in Mind

Chris Brown is one of those artists that are forever dividing people; some love his music, while others are unable to get past his personal indiscretions. Whether you are a fan of Chris Brown or not, there is no denying his musical ability, and talent for continuously reinventing his musical style. Ahead of his latest album “Heartbreak On A Full Moon” (release date unknown) Brown has teamed up with fellow R&B singer Bryson Tiller for the albums lead single “Keep you in Mind”. It’s refreshing to hear Brown return to his R&B roots, and take a break from the highly auto tuned club bangers. The slow tempo synths and bass make for a classic easy listening R&B record, and Brown’s vocals are on point throughout the track. I found Bryson Tillers feature to be quite lackluster, he really under-performed on this track; in comparison to Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller’s vocals had no stand alone impact.

Overall this is a decent track, I think if your collaborating with Chris Brown, one of the 21st century R&B veterans, you need to bring you’re A game; otherwise (just like Bryson Tiller) prepare to be upstaged. I look forward to Brown’s new album- “Heartbreak On A Full Moon” I’m sure it’ll offer some hits.

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