Scott Aukerman, the mind behind Emmy-winning talk show ‘Between Two Ferns’, is bringing a live stage version of his podcast and TV show ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ to Australia in August. Accompanying Aukerman, will be comedians Paul F. Tompkins and Lauren Lapkus, as well as a host of other special guests who are yet to be named.

It will be the first time the Comedy Bang! Bang! team have toured Australia. The Australian leg of the tour begins in Brisbane, before moving on to Melbourne and Sydney, then wrapping up at the Astor theatre in Perth.

Aukerman recently confirmed the tour by taking to Twitter, stating: “AUSTRALIA! WE'RE COMING FOR YOU”. 

Tompkins also confirmed he and Lapkus’ involvement with his Tweet: “Good morning, Australia! See you in August! Hope you consider me & @laurenlapkus "big names!" #CBBTour2016”.

Aukerman, a veteran of the absurdist, off-beat comedy scene in the U.S., has been professionally involved in comedy since before the turn of the century. Beginning as a writer and actor on the sketch comedy-series, "Mr. Show with Bob and Dave", Aukerman went on to work with Zach Galifianakis as director and writer on the short-form talk show ‘Between Two Ferns’, for which he received an Emmy for Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program.

Comedy Bang! Bang!, which started out as a comedy podcast in 2009, has run over 420 episodes which are released weekly. The podcast was a cult sensation, with Entertainment Weekly referring to the show as, “often strange, consistently hilarious, always unpredictable.”

In 2012 the podcast was developed into a television series under the same name, appearing on IFC in the U.S. In Australia, the programme has previously appeared on SBS2, but is also available on web-based streaming network Netflix.

The general format of the television show features at least two guests, usually with one as themselves and another playing a fictional celebrity. The show itself, much like the podcast, is delivered in a highly ironic, dead-pan fashion, featuring absurd cutaway segments and an abundance of stylised editing. It is essentially a parody of the talk-show format in general.

Perth will be the final leg of the live podcast show. This is a major coup for the city's comedy lovers, who would usually need to travel to larger cities such as Melbourne or Sydney for a show of this calibre.

Tickets start at $67.80. CLICK HERE FOR TICKET DETAILS

Tour Dates:

Thursday 25th August - Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane

Friday 26th August - Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne

Sunday 28th August - Metro Theatre, Sydney

Monday 29th August - Astor Theatre, Perth

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