6lack's East Atlanta Love Letter hit the sweet spot

Boogie kickstarted the night at Metropolis, Fremantle, making a great first impression with ‘No Way’. The slower ‘Sunroof’ and ‘Nigga Needs’ got the growing crowd waving along with him. Although his stage presence wasn’t as confident as his proceeding acts, everyone was loving his flow and style. He finished with ‘Self Destruction’, inviting two fans from the crowd to come on stage and rap it out with him.

Soon after, THEY. opened their act with the upbeat ‘What You Want’ from their 2017 album Nu Religion, which undoubtably got the crowd grooving. The L.A. duo definitely knew how to hype the audience as everyone was just feeding off their energy. They even restarted two of their songs to ensure everyone was going crazy. Their set was very diverse. The duo got the crowd jumping with ‘U-RITE’, before hitting the piano and slowing things down with an acoustic version of ‘Dante’s Creek’. They even introduced an unreleased song.


At 9:30 precisely the stage went dark and 6lack’s DJ came out to hype the crowd up and get us all “feeling comfortable” where we were. Everyone was having a great time as he played new and old hits, ranging from Kanye’s and Lil Pump’s ‘I Love It’ to Dr. Dre’s classic, ‘The Next Episode’.

With everyone settled in, 6lack came out with his drummer and pianist - opening with his new album’s first song, ‘Unfair’. He continued to sing through his East Atlanta Love Letter, which felt rawer and more vibrant being performed with his live band.

Although it started with slow jams, once ‘PRBLMS’ started playing, the whole place went off. The DJ was honestly the star of the show, proving ad libs for 6lack, hyping the crowd during the songs (getting claps, waves, etc. going) and even rapping all of J Coles’ verse in Pretty Little Fears.


The entire night was a mix of emotions. For a lot of the fans who knew 6lack from his songs in FREE 6LACK, this concert would come as quite a different experience. Due to the adoption of the drums and piano, 6lack’s set was more catered to the slower jams of his new album. With all the atmospheric lighting this was undoubtably prevalent with ‘Stan’ and ‘Disconnect’. Of course, ‘PRLMS’, ‘Ex Calling’ and ‘Switch’ were crowd favourites – with 6lack even performed his 2018 hit ‘OTW’. Besides his more hype songs, everyone came together to sing along with his slower jams ‘Pretty Little Fears’ and ‘FREE’.

6lack addressed the audience halfway through, saying his album was about saying the things you are often uncomfortable, scared or hesitant to say, showing his love to his fans, loved ones and family.

The night ended off with all the lights on, slow jamming to ‘Stan’ before the crowd’s chants brought 6lack back to emerge shirtless, performing ‘PRBLMS’ one last time as an encore to a fabulous night.

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