STONES THROW RECORDS SHOWCASE: An Interview with Egyptian Lover

STONES THROW RECORDS SHOWCASE: An Interview with Egyptian Lover

MOVE/HAL are bringing the Stones Throw Records showcase out west. A 6-HOUR, 3-ROOM, 20-YEAR celebration of LA’s acclaimed independant hip hop champions and future music adventurers, Stones Throw Records! With head honch >> Peanut Butter Wolf << infamous Beat Junkee >> J Rocc << king of the 808 >> Egyptian Lover << & psychedelic scientist >>Mndsgn << !! Plus an allstar line-up of local DJs and artists: Rok Riley, POW! Negro, Hyclass, Nora Lion, Diger Rokwell, HW Sims, Andrew Sinclair vs Ginole, David Dupa, Zues Rock, Max Black, Mei Saraswati and Dr Z.

Ahead of this amazing show, we caught up with the Egyptian Lover.

You recorded your new album "1984" on protools but mixed it down to tape; have you considered going all analogue?

Yes, I have been working on my next album and doing it 100% analog and recording it on tape. It's title is 1985. The follow up to my album entitled 1984.

Do they go off in Egypt when you play "Egypt Egypt"?

I never been to Egypt but I would think so as every place that this song is played the people go crazy.

Do you still have your EGYPT number plates?

No, too much attention

Where is the Alezby Inn and is it as niiiice as the song suggests?

I can't say exactly for it's only for it's exclusive clientele. I'll just say its between Beverly Hills and Las Vegas and it's so much better than the song says.

"I Cry (Night After Night)" is in my opinion, a perfect song, where did it come from?

It was something I wanted to do, a sad song with a nice beat. The lyrics were inspired by a song I heard as a child by Dean Martin called "Crying Time" when I wrote it I just wanted it to be different than anything that was out.

Your Instagram account is great, I really enjoy your food and equipment shots. What has been your best meal on tour?

The best meal ever was Lamb chops in Athens Greece.

There is a photo of Uncle Jamm's army where you're standing behind the decks which are behind a huge wall size stack of amps/tape decks. Whats the deal with that?

That was the L.A. Sports Arena and one of the best parties ever. This is the place I first played my 808 Live. 10,000 party people heard it and thought it was a new record. I wore a devilish smile as I had them all fooled by simply playing a drum machine. Still to this day I play my 808 at shows.

Perhaps its my imagination, maybe its something you've done to the handclaps but somehow you make the 808 sound better than everyone else...How does it feel to be crowned King of the 808?

Feels good. 

How often do you service your 808s?

Not often, they are very well put together machines. Roland is the best.

What ever happened to the studded leather gloves you used to wear?

I was just talking to Chris "The Glove" Taylor and we both are going to start wearing them again.

How do you feel about the new generation of analogue drum machines and synths that are being pumped out?

I think they are great but I like the older stuff. I guess it's just me. Im old school.

Do you still need a freak?

One will always need a Freak or two. Don't you?

Guest Writer & Interviewer : Will Hooper

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