This weekend, let Possible Worlds Film Festival scratch that burning indie film itch inside you.

This weekend, let Possible Worlds Film Festival scratch that burning indie film itch inside you.

You know you’ve got one.

Look, I get it: Guardians of the Galaxy was space-tacularDawn of the Planet of the Apes was ape-tastic, and Transformers 4: Age of Extinction was more like Age of Ex-stinking-garbage. But now that you’ve satiated your blockbuster appetite, I know that you’re craving for that sweet, sweet high you get from smaller, wackier, and more brain-churning indie flicks. Well listen, the Possible Worlds Film Festival (brought to us by the cool peeps at The Festivalists and 1Up Microcinema) is gonna hook you up, bro.

This weekend  (Friday 22 August to Sunday 24 August), we’ll be able to enjoy a sliver – the bare necessities, one might say (see: lame attempt at a movie reference at the end of this post) – from the film festival’s Sydney program, which consists of independent feature films from the US and Canada.

You can find the schedule and movie details here, but hey, we have fun here, so below is our brief preview/first impression of the Perth program:


Starring the unstoppable force (according to me) that is Mary Elizabeth Winstead (from Smashed. No, not that the tv show/trainwreck Smash), Faults is a psychological thriller/black comedy about a woman who is under the influence of a mysterious cult, and her parents’ desperate attempt to get her out: by recruiting a washed-up mind control expert to abduct and “deprogram” her. Things are definitely going to end well. If you end up liking this movie, Sound of My Voice may also be your cup of tea. 

The Heart Machine

What happens when you discover that the person you’re in an online/long-distance relationship with isn’t exactly long distance? A “brilliantly-acted love story that unfolds like a hear-pounding lo-fi thriller”, that’s what. The film stars Jim from The Newsroom and Lisa from House of Cards, so you bet it’ll be brilliantly-acted. 

Beneath The Harvest Sky 

Hey look, it’s Little Finger

Air Sex: The Movie

This is a documentary about the Air Sex Championship. What’s Air Sex, you ask? Well it’s like Air Guitar, except with sex. No, really. Get your tickets NOW

The Mend

Starring the Josh Lucas of The Firm fame (the short-lived tv show based on the movie), The Mend looks like a manic, high-energy dramedy about a dysfunctional guy/his family.  Watch the opening here if you want to get a taste of what the movie is like.

So if you’ve got nothing planned this weekend, go see a movie or two at the Possible Worlds Film Festival (screening @ The Jaffa Room). If you do have plans, cancel them, and go see a movie or two at the Possible Worlds Film Fest. Go scratch that itch. 

Look Closer…Psycho, 1998

Look Closer…Psycho, 1998

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UNI HACK: Watch & Download All (Even Hidden) UWA Lectures