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Fairbridge Wrap Up Part 2

I saw about 25 different acts over the two days and three nights and I have 19 names here on my list that I want to tell you about. Obviously I can’t tell you heaps about all of them because otherwise I would be here for about 6 years. I will go into detail about 8 of my tops picks, and I’ll briefly mention the rest. Okay? Good. Let’s do this!

Fairbridge Wrap Up Part 1

I often like to say that Fairbridge is one of the only festivals where you can ask the audience to sing, and they do it in tune- with harmonies as well if you ask nicely. I have never experienced anything like the community of people that is this festival. Everyone you meet is kind, interesting and a true music lover.

Pond - 'Hobo Rocket'

At only 34 minutes long, you’d probably be thinking you’ve been swindled something a la Keyser Soze, but what you’re getting is 34 minutes of pure good music; which is probably what you’d get on a normal 50-60 minute record anyway. The music is real, and the album is a real gem.

Karnivool - 'Aysmmetry'

Just as “Sound Awake” was a departure from their 2005 debut “Themata”, “Asymmetry” is a step forward from “Sound Awake”; embracing the progressive side of metal even more so than its predecessor. The band has constructed a set of songs of immense sonic depth and diversity.


Jonny Taylor - 'Something To Say'

 I think it’s great how it’s filled with topics that can sometimes be hard to talk about, things that affect normal people. It’s not superficial or fake; it’s just songs written by a normal guy, for normal people. (It is) Really refreshing in this day and age...