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Record Store Day 2014: Perth Edition

Record Store Day has come again, and with it, a slew of choice pickings from artists as diverse as Nirvana and Slipknot available at various stores about Perth. With plenty of well-established stores around Perth, (and some established chains trying to sell records…JB…) where will be the best places to find the gem, hang, chill and soak in vibes?

The John Butler Trio - Flesh and Blood

The album as a whole is no doubt a good listen, ranging from the trademark folky fingerpicking of album opener ‘Spring to Come’, through to gritty funk of ‘Livin’ in the City’ where John opens up on the ol’ electric guitar into a Hendrix-esque crescendo; And this occurs over the first two songs.

Jonny Taylor - 'Something To Say'

 I think it’s great how it’s filled with topics that can sometimes be hard to talk about, things that affect normal people. It’s not superficial or fake; it’s just songs written by a normal guy, for normal people. (It is) Really refreshing in this day and age...

RSD 2013: Perth Edition

It's that time of year, where music enthusiasts and collectors alike fight each other to the death for 'that' release. And with an amazing list of special releases lined up for us this year, the question is; Where do we go?​