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The Love Junkies - Maybelline

The Love Junkies are a Perth (Thornlie methinks?) based post-grunge three piece who hit hard, and rock equally as hard as some kind of Children Collide x Queens Of The Stone Age x Scratch Acid (melody, groove and freak outs respectively) hybrid sexy dangerous animal.

Ty Segall - 'Sleeper'

 “Sleeper” was all about a shift in focus; emotionally, symbolically and stylistically. The electric guitar and distortion pedals were traded in for an acoustic guitar. With this album there was certainly more time to think and reflect. 

Pond - 'Hobo Rocket'

At only 34 minutes long, you’d probably be thinking you’ve been swindled something a la Keyser Soze, but what you’re getting is 34 minutes of pure good music; which is probably what you’d get on a normal 50-60 minute record anyway. The music is real, and the album is a real gem.

AlunaGeorge - 'Body Music'

One of the big hype bands to come out of the new music wave at the end of 2012, the London duo’s release was highly anticipated, to say the least. Off the back of singles ‘Attracting Flies’ and ‘Your Drums, Your Love’ the sweet, smooth voice of Aluna Francis neatly blended with George Reid’s polyrhythmic blend of dubstep, pop and house (among many)...

Karnivool - 'Aysmmetry'

Just as “Sound Awake” was a departure from their 2005 debut “Themata”, “Asymmetry” is a step forward from “Sound Awake”; embracing the progressive side of metal even more so than its predecessor. The band has constructed a set of songs of immense sonic depth and diversity.


Jonny Taylor - 'Something To Say'

 I think it’s great how it’s filled with topics that can sometimes be hard to talk about, things that affect normal people. It’s not superficial or fake; it’s just songs written by a normal guy, for normal people. (It is) Really refreshing in this day and age...

James Blake - Overgrown

Overgrown is a fantastic follow up to his self-tited debut, indicating a slight change in direction from his usual electro-soul to a more diverse sound, weaving between his signature beats as was well as some more front and centre electronic influences.

Urban Mansion

​After venturing about various North Perth haunts, and a railway museum (it was a busy night, interrupted only by ABC’s The Elegant Gentlemens’s Guide To Knife Fighting), we phoned a friend looking for something more.

The Gaslight Anthem - Metro City, Perth 19/05/2013

They played a killer set lasting almost two hours, plucking mainly from sophomore LP The 59’ Sound and Handwritten, as well as throwing a couple covers in for good measure, with a great rendition of Bon Iver’s ‘Blood Bank’ sandwiched in the middle of ‘Angry Johnny and the Radio’ as well as covering The Misfits’ ‘Astro Zombies’ at the drunken request of a Welshman in the crowd.