FRINGE REVIEW: Is La Soirée 2019 Worth The Hype?

FRINGE REVIEW: Is La Soirée 2019 Worth The Hype?

Whether you are chasing a one-of-a-kind show or have considered yourself a regular at the Ice Cream Factory this summer, you can now look forward to it as being home to Fringe World’s LA SOIRÉE 2019.

With news of Club Swizzle being cancelled this year, there were high hopes pinned upon LA SOIRÉE as its Fringe World replacement. In fact, I’d heard many good things about LA SOIRÉE. We all have. Yet, considering the dozens of sold-out shows in the years prior, it came as a bit of a surprise to imagine the small, tiny red stage in the venue as the centre of all the action.

Another thing I quickly learnt: do not be fooled by the formalwear or the ditzy decorum. Things get bold, heated and thrilling, quick. Described as ‘one dysfunctional family’, each act was there to bring their own individual, fun-filled craziness to the 120-minute show.

Cabaret Decadanse 5 - LA SOIREE 2019.Photo by James Henry.jpg

If Cabaret Décadanse’s sexualised life-sized puppets don’t take your fancy, there is a whole smorgasbord of acts from all over the world for you to enjoy. First up was the Mallakhamb India duo straight out of Mumbai, charming audiences with their gravity-defying strength on an incredulously unstable-looking pole. Along with the duo, Will Underwood gripped audiences with his swift and graceful Chinese pole routine. (Think the kind of exact skill that would make your whole goddamn arm day look inferior.)

If you thought it couldn’t get more superhuman, there are acrobat acts proving you wrong in a matter of seconds. After a performance by Ukranian circus duo Irina Bessonova and Vladimir Todorashko, you’ll be convinced that there are no bounds to contortion or power. And then there’s the mighty Ben Lewis, gliding around in ribbons so thin they might as well be hanging by a thread. It’s truly talent at its finest.

Next up was Lucky Hell, the brilliant Perth-born act — as well as two words you’d find in one of my jumbled sentences as soon as she revealed her sword-swallowing tricks. Bejewelled with both a lightsaber and sword in hand, she took down both amazingly without so much as a flinch.

Between each act, emcee and powerhouse singer Carla Lippis kept us entertained, but not without her delivering a moving rendition of Cher’s ‘Bang Bang’. (Admittedly, I might have almost cried.) Yet there was no room for tears, for the show had to go on.

Ben Lewis - 2016_SOH__LA SOIREE 2019. credit Prudence Upton 389.jpg

Before you could even count to three, the action would pick up again with more stomach-turning, crotch-clenching acrobatic routines. Keeping the audience on their toes was also Lily Martinez, who stripped back for the night with her tantalising handkerchief act. Note: if you find yourself getting overly excited, don’t worry — whatever happens at LA SOIRÉE stays at LA SOIRÉE.

To cement the night even more, the renowned Fratelli Rossi brothers appeared as the final act, and quickly made jaws hit the ground. Tossing each another around, the two had no time to waste on the smallest stage they’d ever performed on.

So it worth the hype? Yes.

Need I divulge any more? Certainly not.

Come see this colossal party for yourself and indulge in some wonderful global talents. LA SOIRÉE in an assured good time — and lucky for all, the bar isn’t far either!

Rated: 4.5/5 stars

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