'Bad Coffee' Served Warm: An interview with Ribs

'Bad Coffee' Served Warm: An interview with Ribs

Photo: Tasha Faye Photography

Ribs, the magical singer-songwriter project of Perth legend Georgina Cramond, is coming to the Bird with her dewy sounds with the launch of her single ‘Bad Coffee’. We spoke to her about the journey so far.

So, where'd the name come from? Have you got all your ribs?           

I do have all my ribs, I think! But my ribs stick out a lot, or maybe I’m just thin skinned? I chose the name because I wanted something that represented me and the music for it’s stripped back, baring it all state.

How did Ribs come about?

I started writing songs in my bedroom, just for me as a way soothing my stressed out brain I guess. But I wasn’t very good, so I signed up to do this songwriting class and they forced us all to perform at the end of it. From there I got hooked on songwriting and performing, so I kept practising and performing as much as I could!

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Vulnerable, delicate and human.

What do you love most about making music and performing it?

The feeling of connecting with other people.

I first saw you play at Nannup Music Festival this year, which was amazing btw, what's your favourite gig you've ever played?

Oh, thank you! Nannup was very special, so that one’s high on the list. I also played at a small folk festival in Nanga this year, it was similar community vibes to Nannup, but even more intimate. Everyone was in complete silence and listened to every word, it was magical.

Your songs seem very carefully crafted, what's your writing process like?

It’s different for every song! But I usually work from the lyrics down. So the idea of what the song it about comes first and then I try to match it to something musically.

Who are your musical inspirations?

It’s a pretty big list! Joni Mitchell, Cat Power, Regina Spektor, Missy Higgins, Sarah Blasko, Courtney Barnett and so many local artists like Carla Geneve and Jack Davies.

If you had the chance to play with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

I just saw Bohemian Rhapsody last night, so I have Freddie Mercury on the brain. Of course our styles and voices are totally different, but I’d bring him back just to watch him play. Maybe I’d just play the tambourine for him.

You've written a fair bit about battling mental illness, how has your journey with your mental health influenced your art?

I don’t think I intentionally wanted to set out to write about mental health, it just kind of poured about of me when I first began writing. It’s not in all my music but definitely some of the lyrics you can hear the anxiousness and also the hope of trying to manage mental illness, which music has helped me with!

Your music seemed to rise through the ranks after your sellout show at the Blueroom, how has it evolved since then?

Thank you! That show, Interrupting a Crisis was massive as it introduced my music and me to a whole new audience, so I’m very grateful to the Blue Room! Since then I think I’ve grown in confidence and I’m probably a better singer and player than I was as I’ve just had so many more gigs and opportunities to grow.

Who’s your favourite Perth Artist right now, and why?

Ooft. Huge question. I’m going to say Fraeya, because her band blows me away everytime and I wake up with her songs in my head. I’m also very obsessed with Haircare atm.

What’s your favourite live music venue?

I can’t choose between Mojo’s and The Bird! Both have amazing vibes and amazing sound!

What can we expect from Ribs in the coming year?

My first EP, The Underscore will be coming out in early 2019! Plus some exciting gigs, I’ll keep you posted!

You can have your soul warmed by Ribs and many more tonight at the Bird. Tickets are just $5 at the door!

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