Fringe Fest 2018 Interviews:  Night Sweats

Fringe Fest 2018 Interviews: Night Sweats

Fringe Festival has finally kicked off in Perth! Over the course of the Fringe Fest 2018 period, we will be running a series of interviews with the artists and producers of some of the notable shows of the festival program. To kick things off, we speak to the talent behind "Night Sweats", writer/performer Timothy Green and director Haydon Wilson. 

What is Night Sweats about?

Timothy Green: For me, at its simplest, the show is about fear and all the things that keep us up at night.

Haydon Wilson: It’s eight hours of sleepless mania, condensed down into just one. We’re taking a little peek inside this character's head and tagging along for the ride.

What are you hoping people will take away from your show?

Timothy: I hope that people will be able to see themselves in the show. And who knows, maybe it could start a conversation about the different pressures we put on ourselves?

Haydon: I’d really love for the audience to feel as if they’ve been on a tantalising journey, but to not be quite sure how they got there.

Knowing that Fringe allows artists to push the boundaries, does that inform your creative process?

Timothy : Completely. I love the fact that audiences come to a Fringe show expecting the unexpected. It gives me so much more license to let my freak flag fly!

Haydon: I’d like to think that most the work I engage with attempt to try out things that are new, exciting and a bit risky. With the pace of Fringe though, quick turnovers and tour-ability means that a show essentially needs to be packed down into a suitcase, which can certainly push you to find bold, creative solutions for problems that wouldn’t have arisen with a bigger budget, or more than a couple of minutes to bump out of a space.

What were your influences for this show?

Timothy: It’s a long list for me, there will actually be a section of the show program dedicated to it! But I would have to say a big one was Roland Barthes' ‘Mourning Diary’. It’s a collection of random thoughts he wrote in the wake of his mother’s death, it’s really powerful stuff.

Haydon: Late night talk shows, pyramid schemes and aerobics tapes from the 80’s.

How did you get your start as an artist?

Timothy: After studying design for a couple of years realised I was much more into theatre than computer screens and sawdust, so I applied to study the Bachelor of Performing Arts at WAAPA, and was fortunate enough to study for three years under some incredible teachers.

Haydon: Funnily enough, pretty similarly to Tim. Went from a design school drop out to studying with Tim at WAAPA. Forged in the fire and flames of an environment which lets you take risks, make work for a few years and form some pretty special artistic relationships.

Outside of preparing for your show, what else have you been up to? What other projects are your working on?

Timothy: Haydon, Samantha Maclean and I recently launched our theatre company Static Drive Co, and we have some really exciting things in the pipeline… I could tell you what they are, but I’d have to kill you.

Haydon: I’ll be performing in another show in the Summer Nights program called Sudden Skies. Both of the projects have kept me pretty busy lately, but I’m really looking forward to some exciting things coming up after Fringe as well. As Tim said though, it’s top secret.

What other Fringe shows will you recommend checking out?

Timothy:   Future’s Eve as part of Peaks at Paper Mountain is definitely worth seeing, and Here. Moving. from new company, Fonder Physical Theatre is a great bunch of ex WAAPA superstars.

Haydon:  Anything in the Summer Nights program. Stick around for a drink after!

What piece of pop culture are you currently obsessed with, and why? 

Timothy:  Slime videos. Stretch it, poke it, chop it, squish it. Can’t get enough.

Haydon: I recently rediscovered Monster Bug Wars. Look it up, thank me later.

What is your favourite Perth venue? 

Timothy: It’s got to be The Blue Room Theatre. I’ve worked and volunteered there in a bunch of different roles over the years, and they are just the most incredible, giving, talented, supportive bunch of people to be around. Perth is so lucky to have them!

Haydon: Seconded.

"Night Sweats" is showing at The Blue Room Theatre from Feb 2nd to Feb 10th. Click here for more details.

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