Movies of the Month: January Preview

Movies of the Month: January Preview

Here at Isolated Nation, we love a good film. Here is our round up of the most anticipated films coming to Perth this January!


Directed by Pablo Larràin, Starring Natalie Portman. 

Release Date: January 12th showing at Luna Cinemas and Event Cinemas.

Natalie Portman’s much talked about portrayal of the iconic first lady Jackie Onassis is undoubtedly the most exciting film on this list. Directed by Pablo Larràin (The Club, No), the film chronicles Jackie’s life before, during and after her husband’s infamous assassination. Haunting, provocative and set to be an unforgettable portrait of a family in the very bright spotlight, this will be one film that will stay with you long after the credits roll.


Directed by: Paul Verhoeven, Starring: Isabelle Huppert

Release Date: January 19th showing at Luna Cinemas

French actress/queen of French cinema Isabelle Huppert, provides yet another award winning performance as a woman on the hunt for revenge after she is attacked in her home. With an absolutely superb performance from the veteran actress, it is not hard to see why she was chosen as the recipient for best actress in a drama at the most recent Golden Globes.

Get Excited for it by watching the trailer.


Directed by: Garth Davis, Starring: Dev Patel

Release Date: January 19th, showing at all mainstream Perth Cinemas

Based on the non-fictional experiences of an Indian business-man, Lion is an extraordinary debut by Australian director Garth Davis. The tale follows a child named Saroo who after being adopted by an Australian family, grows up to be curious about his native origins. The highlight being Dev Patel’s performance, Lion is a thought provoking story about family and finding your place in the world.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Directed by: Paul W. S. Anderson, Starring: Mila Jovovich

Release Date: January 26th, showing at all mainstream Perth Cinemas

The bad ass, six-part film series comes to a penultimate and final end. Following on from the last film, The Final Chapter finds our hero, mega babe Alice (played by IRL babe Mila Jovovich) betrayed and on her last stand for humanity’s hopes against the undead hordes. A satisfying end to a great film franchise, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter brings new faces and old ones in order to tie up loose ends, ultimately producing a well-directed finale for the much loved Video game adaption.


Directed by: Barry Jenkins, Starring: Trevante Rhodes

Release Date: January 26th, showing at Event Cinemas and Luna Cinemas

Already universally acclaimed by critics and movie-goers alike, Moonlight is a coming of age story of Chiron, a young boy who transforms on screen to teenager, and then to young man, amongst a life of abusive family and drugs. Moonlight is a sensational film that should be at the top of anybody’s list who enjoys films that make you think.

Perfect Strangers

Directed by: Paolo Genovese, Starring: Giuseppe Battiston

Release Date: January 26th, Showing at Luna Cinemas

Released almost a year ago back in February of 2016 in its native country of Italy, Perth is finally screening one of the most successful foreign films of 2016. Based around 7 friends who all play a very telling game of revealing secrets and truths, Perfect Strangers is a rather fittingly perfect mix of comedy and drama that will not only make you laugh, but will also cause a sense of horrid anxiety to erupt in yourself as soon the friends start to reveal too much.


Directed by: M. Night Shyamalan, Starring: James McAvoy

Release Date: January 26th, Showing at all Mainstream Cinemas

The newest offering from horror’s father of plot twists, Split is a rather terrifying tale about the abduction of three girls. Classic horror plotline right? Wrong. The twist (which sadly is spoiled in every trailer for the film) is that our typical pyscho character has in fact multiple personalities, 23 to be exact. The girls realise the horrifying truth as one by one the personalities reveal their selves in the form of their captor, excellently played by James McAvoy. Set to be one of the biggest box office hits of January, a perfect date-night movie when you want to pretend to be tough and impress the girl you’re with.

Hold on for the February list that will contain anticipated gems such as Martin Scorsese's Silence, Casey Affleck's much talked about performance in Manchester By The Sea, and last but not least, Trainspotting 2 is finally hitting our screens! what a time to be alive my friends!

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