We found ourselves filled to the brim with superb cuisine, as we slumped in one of Foam’s plush enough booths. Foam is a sensible coffee shop on Oxford Street in Leederville. We were greeted graciously and served the same, as sizeable machines pleasantly fanned us.  There was the scent of apple pie and free Wi-Fi in the air that beckoned forth a rare will to complete those half-finished projects that tend to stagnate on my laptop.  It had been an hour and a half since we had gleefully planted ourselves there, and three hours since we had embarked on our Food Safari. 


The night was a warm summer breeze. That’s a metaphor, but the night was filled with warm almost-summer breezes. The Leederville Food Safari is an enlivening experience, perfect for a myriad of personalities and purposes. You begin at the magnificently Malaysian RIA (on Oxford Street), whereby you are presented with three exquisite starters to share. When you’re ready, you pay, and are then directed into the hands of a capable rickshaw captain. I met Liam with a hi-five and we stepped into his carriage meant for two. The rickshaw is a brilliantly novel way to travel and I felt a bit like royalty in an economically challenged country. I stifled the urge to Queen-wave at the trendy Oxfordians as we passed them by in style. As Liam pedalled us onward, I found the rickshaw to be secure and charming with its fairylit glow and balmy breeziness.

Next stop on the Food Safari was Kitsch Bar Asia. Let the staff know you’re on the Safari and they will smile and lead you to a lovely place to enjoy your mains. There is a choice of five mains and two sides (you share the large side) - the choice being already been made (by you) and relayed from Ria to Kitsch before your arrival. It’s like magic!

Kitsch is a delightfully quaint and happening little spot. The decor is a mix of anomalous fixtures that work wonderfully together. You’ll need to make smart use of table space when the food arrives, and I found myself wishing that I had made smarter use of stomach space for the Safari. Our food was hand-on-my-heart amazing. My partner isn’t really a fan of Asian food but this meal blew us both away. I suppose great cuisine transcends the fanciful tendencies of the palette!

Upon completion of our meal (I say completion although we were both so stuffed that we took away part of our meal in takeaway containers), we found Liam happily waiting to escort us to our final destination. Foam Coffee Bar.

962879_10152093498045815_189197689_n (1).jpg

At Foam you are permitted any drink on the menu and a choice of dessert. We sipped a smoothie and an iced chai as we looked at our generous cuts of cake and apple pie. With a sturdy fan cooling our foreheads and cheeks, we reflected on how lovely we found the rickshaw Food Safari to be – perfect for a warm night indeed. We casually played a Connect Four rip-off as we unhurriedly spooned the delicious treats into our gullets. As the friendly Foam staff cleared away the (considerable) remnants of our dessert, they commented that the Food Safari had yet to leave a person unsatisfied! For $60 a head, we were left anything but unsatisfied as we sat, grinning dumbly, with the lovely spread of the night glowing within us. The Leederville Food Safari is a truly fantastic experience – just make sure you eat a light lunch!

Bookings: Call 93282990 or email [email protected] (places are limited)
Cost: $60 per person
When: Every Friday and Saturday evening starting from 5:30pm
Where: Oxford street, Leederville

Lochlan Gibbons

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