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THEATRE REVIEW: Fully Sikh is a portrait of multicultural millennial Australia

What does it mean to be ‘Australian’? Furthermore, does the presence of such a supposed singular culture provide legitimate grounding to distinguish the ‘other’ from those deemed ‘Australians’? History lays down something of a jigsaw puzzle in reflection of this; a piece of which is provided by Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa in Fully Sikh, a Barking Gecko Theatre and Black Swan State Theatre Company co-production.

PREVIEW: Layla Majnun – your heart will be on fire with this ancient Persian tale

Like the characters of Romeo and Juliet - to which Layla Majnun is most often compared - the two are dead at the end of this centuries old Persian love story. This is the only real comparison to Shakespeare’s’ tale, as we found out when we spoke to performer and driving creative force Ustaadh Feraidoon Mojadedi. Layla Majnun is presented by Performing Lines WA and features illUMEnate artists.