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The First 6 Months of Abbott

If the Abbott government was consistent with its purported philosophy it may have proven to be an exciting government for Australia. Sadly the inconsistencies that riddle their positions show a government that is dangerous for its foes and dangerously eager to please its allies.

Preferences, Policy and Preposterous Parties - 2013 Election Guide

When you vote above the line, you are actually giving whomsoever gets your one vote absolute power over where you vote is directed. This often means your vote might swing through a raft of lesser known and morally reprehensible extremist parties faster than you can say "I don't like it." Make sure you know your stuff before fulfilling your constitutional duty. 

Battlefield: WA 2013 State Election

​It seems that alot of this election will be won on the back of massive public works, as opposed to (possibly) more important things like battling for a larger share of the GST, education, health and party economics.​ Here are some of the key ones you've probably heard the media harping on about.