An Interview with Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

An Interview with Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Ahead of their show at the Rosemount in August, we caught up with K D & L... 

Stylistically your sound is quite traditional; is that a conscious choice, or a result of influences growing up?

 KITTY: We grew up with all kinds of music, so our music is a big mish mash of everything. We never decided to play any kind of style or genre, it just happened naturally really. When you're a kid I don't think you really think about music in terms of genres, you either like it or you don't!

 Five favourite tunes right now?


  1. Hello Betty - Jimmy McGriff
  2. Otha Fish - The Pharcyde
  3. Dance - Motörhead 
  4. No Scrubs - TLC
  5. The Windmills Of Your Mind - Dorothy Ashby

What is your least favourite thing about collaborating with siblings?

DAISY: Probably the fact that they will say anything they want to you, but the good thing is that we all love each other so we know not to take it too personally. 

What’s it like having your mother involved in your band? Does it make you closer as a family?

DAISYOur father is also in the band. I guess if they weren't in the band then we maybe wouldn't see them as much. We are all still very close and weather we are on the road or not, we all hand out together. I think that's unusual for a family of our age to still be so close to each other. It's what we've always done though, so can't look at it any other way

Who are your top 5 musical influences?

LEWIS: I have so many musical influences and they change all the time depending on mood and direction. It’s funny because I never found things as simple as my top 5 whatever. I think currently, I am listening to a lot of soul records, the bluesier ones, and really listening to their arraignments and such. However, one of the biggest influences on me was listening and playing with my dad’s family who would get together and jam and that’s where I, and my sisters, learnt a lot of songs and felt a lot of feelings. At the moment, I’m also listening to a lot of jazz, calypso, rocksteady and early blues. I always move then revisit things. 

What is the major source of inspiration for the majority of the songs you write?

LEWIS: The inspiration for writing just comes from what I feel and if there’s a groove that we might be jamming then it’s just like singing what you feel over the top. Somethings I have written I aren’t necessary what I feel anymore (like baby bye bye) but, it does represent how I felt at a certain time in my life. Sometimes I am lying in bed and can't sleep and a line or something will come into my head and ill keep adding things and making things up then Ill pickup the guitar and see whats happening with that. So I think the major source of influence is just where you live and what kind of feelings you have about that and about the people in your life. It’s something I’ve never really thought about! 

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are Touring Australia in August
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