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Fairbridge 2018 Wrap-Up: 26 years strong and still holding a powerful space

One of the most powerful aspects of the Festival is the exposure that young kids, particularly young girls, get to a mélange of musicianship in which women are so powerfully present and heard. The access and variety to live music for the underage bracket seems to be lacking in Perth – and as much as I may begrudgingly grumble about feeling 15 years too old for the Backlot these days – the importance of Fairbridge in holding this space cannot be understated. I must admit that I got choked up as Geneve launched into a song on the representation of women in the music scene. As a kid of Fairbridge herself, she was equally stirred seeing the women get up onstage and bare their art. It feels so beautifully cyclic that she may then be that inspiring figure to someone else.