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PIAF: Frankie Cosmos Interview

Despite being part of what has been come to be known as the anti-folk movement, Kline really doesn’t put much currency in genre. “I think that defining anything through a genre is kind of useless. I mean, I don’t really even know what anti-folk means really. I can tell you that it was this music movement in New York, but it doesn’t make much sense to me.”


As fabled as Tony Galati’s eyebrows, and more elusive than Kevin Parker, James McHale is a man whose reputation mainly exists in myth and whispers. Yet, in light of Perth's Fringe World Festival, the man behind the legend has stepped forth from behind his taxpayer funded news mantle to ask fellow 'Perthonalities' some not-so-hard hitting questions.  As James himself puts it, he’s “asking the people [he’s] always wanted to question, the questions [he’s] always wanted to ask”.