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Pop Vulture: POW! Negro Discuss their Upcoming EP and Playing Live

POW! Negro are one of the most exciting young bands on the Perth scene right now. Their eagerly anticipated debut EP Jasmine & Licorice will be dropped on July 28, and the boys are heading on a short tour to launch it, with dates in Bunbury, Dunsborough and Perth. We were very lucky to talk to frontman/MC Nelson Mondlane and bassist Toby Batchelor ahead of the release, in another segment of our Pop Vulture series.

PIAF: Frankie Cosmos Interview

Despite being part of what has been come to be known as the anti-folk movement, Kline really doesn’t put much currency in genre. “I think that defining anything through a genre is kind of useless. I mean, I don’t really even know what anti-folk means really. I can tell you that it was this music movement in New York, but it doesn’t make much sense to me.”