INTERVIEW: Otiuh on their new single Interest Free

INTERVIEW: Otiuh on their new single Interest Free

Local Perth hip-hop duo Otiuh just released their new single ‘Interest Free’, ahead of their launch party at The Bird on September 13th. We spoke to them about their experiences on tour, outlook on the upcoming year, and their favourite artists in Australia!

How were your experiences during your nationwide tour performing your EP ‘Cold Recreation’?

It was a classic...sleeping on friends' couches, borrowing equipment, lots of beers - you know the drill. Being able to meet a bunch of other artists and play to crowds who have never seen us before was a privilege. We won't soon be forgetting our time on the east coast and will be looking to head back soon.

Your newest single ‘Interest Free’ speaks on the topic of payment apps being dangerous. What was your inspiration behind writing this song?

The inspiration behind writing this was, funnily enough, the national tour. A couple members of the band literally had to get their flights on Zip Pay ha!

The launch party for ‘Interest Free’ is at The Bird on September 13th. Are you looking forward to performing there with Kissinger Kruz, Intercontinental Sounds, and Bun Dem?

Super excited for this one. We were watching Shannon from Kissinger Kruz performing before I had even written my (Cesare) first rhymes. Intercontinental Sounds & Bun Dem will be bringing some serious party & world music to the table. A mixture of bands & DJs/electronic acts should make for one heck of a show.

What does the next year look like for Otiuh? Is there an upcoming EP or album on the way?

You guessed it! We're writing a lot at the moment. Looking to release another EP along with more videos early next year. We're in a comfortable spot creatively and want to push out a whole heap of content.

Who are some of your favorite artists in the Australian scene currently?

There's too many to list, and we're slightly biased toward Perth artists, but we'll give it a go. Your Girl Pho, Adrian Dzvuke, Toyotomi Hideyoshi & Butter are at the top for us at the moment. Sampa The Great is also about to take over the world, which is awesome to see.

You’ve performed at Jack Rabbit Slim’s in Perth over a year ago. How would you describe the crowd energy and overall feelings you both had there?

Always warm feelings at Jack's. We played the homecoming show of our tour there. A lot of people came out and braved the cold to come and see us, and it was pretty electric by the end of our set. The staff there are also very accommodating. They really are on your side and want you to have a successful show.

As seen on your Instagram, there’s a music video accompanying the new single ‘Interest Free’. How was creating the music video and who helped you create it?

Working on this one was real fun. The track is quite a focused piece of songwriting, so the idea for video came to us very easily. We worked with our guy Ash Lazenby on this, who has also directed our last two videos. We drew the storyboards up for this one ourselves and got a chance to homage some of our favourite films whilst injecting some light hearted, playful energy into it. It's our top piece of work to date for sure.

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