INTERVIEW: Getting Caught Up With Lime Cordiale

INTERVIEW: Getting Caught Up With Lime Cordiale

Lime Cordiale have just unveiled their new single 'Robbery' ahead of their upcoming shows in New Zealand and throughout Australia – featuring special guests such as Teenage Dads, Chase City, Jack Berry and more! Remarkably, the music video for ‘Robbery’ was produced and directed by the band themselves.

Another reason why Lime Cordiale has been the talk of the town? Post Malone and his manager Dre London have just recently signed the band to a management and label deal with Chugg Music. With that said, we just had to catch up with them!

Your upcoming Robbery Tour features over 20 headline shows in Australia all across the country, including Spilt Milk and FKA Festival. How do you prepare for those shows mentally and physically? 

It’s turning into more like 30 shows as we keep announcing more. We don’t really have to psych up for it too much. It’s what we love doing and as we’re playing such great venues on this run. We’re just excited more than anything!

The only thing that really gets me nervous is making sure that we’re definitely putting on a better show than the last tour. We work hard to prep a show that’s going to be more exciting and musically diverse than anything we’ve ever done. It’s all about putting in the time to rehearse and plan on the lead-up to the tour.

Along with the ‘Robbery Tour’, you’ve just released your single Robbery’. Is there anything you can share with us about the song? 

I think it brings back a bit of the “old lime” sound. A bit of the old mixed with the new. Our upcoming album brings back more of what we grew up with; wind and brass instruments. But as we fall more in love with synthesizers and become more acquainted with them, as well as experimenting with production techniques, we find that we can mix traditional instruments with the modern and create a sound that feels like us. ‘Robbery’ is that blend.

Your latest single ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’ speaks on the topic of someone who exhibits the toxic trait of being a manipulator. Was this song inspired by true events that happened in one of your lives?

Yeah, Louis wrote the initial lyrics about a certain someone. Some people like to form an opinion of you and spread gossip before they’ve even met you! Not sure what that’s about!

The “manipulator” line was actually one of the last lines we added to the song and it was like the icing on the cake. We needed a line to sum up the meaning of the song and that just fit perfectly.

There’s a lot of musical talent in Australia currently. Is there anyone currently in the Australian music community that you both have been listening to? 

The Teskey Brothers, Sons Of The EastRuel, Winston Surfshirt, Ocean Alley… all great bands with insane vocalists. 

The Robbery Tour has you both playing in all six states of Australia and in almost all of the major cities. Is there any place in particular you both enjoy performing in? 

Melbourne for the coffee, Fremantle for the beer, Byron Bay and The Gold Coast for the surfing, Tasmania for the scenery, and Adelaide for the rowdy crowds. Australia has it all. But I’m looking forward to playing some of these places we’ve never played before.

For example, Geraldton, Central Coast, Kingscliff… We love heading to new places!

You guys are playing at the Round House in Sydney, which is where you both are from. What are you looking forward to most whilst you’re there?

Our Sydney shows are always a little scary because we invite way too many friends and the backstage area gets pretty rowdy. It’s something we’ve learned that we just need to embrace because it’s not going to change. Our friends barge in whether we like it or not. It’s pretty lovely really. We’re lucky to have an awesome support network – fans included – surrounding us.

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