INTERVIEW: Tour talk, new places and a glittering new album from Allday

INTERVIEW: Tour talk, new places and a glittering new album from Allday

Ahead of Allday’s show in Perth tonight, we spoke to the Australian artist to get his sentiments on all the buzz surrounding his new album. Read on to hear what he had to say!

On your latest album Starry Night Over The Phone, you worked with Mario Bergadez. What did you take from this experience?

Mario was the sound engineer and producer, and we were really slow recording. I learnt how to get things perfect, but I also learnt that sometimes it’s less important to get things perfect, and sometimes it’s important to keep things moving.

For the song writing process, was there any real-life involvement that crafted the album?

Yeah, a lot of the inspirations were real life things, or at least it starts from a real-life thing, and maybe the song springs up an original point of truth into its own thing, and that’s maybe why the album sounds like it does, it’s reflecting what was going on.

In terms of the album itself you worked with Lonelyspeck and The Veronicas, what was your experience working with them?

It was pretty natural… Lonelyspeck was someone I’ve known for a while, they’re from Adelaide, which is where I’m from, they went to school with my little brother, we have a lot of home town connections. The Veronicas were people I met on tour, and we both become pals, and yeah both those things were natural.

Speaking of tours, is there anything you’re looking forward to on your Australian tour?

I have my favourite restaurants, and my favourite little places to visit, I’m looking forward to the WA sunsets, they’re a bit different to everywhere else somehow, looking forward to going home, see my family in Adelaide…

How long have you been away for? You said you were staying in California, right?

Yeah, I’ve been basically living there for a year and a half now! I’ve been back and forth a lot so I’ve definitely been around Australia, but you know my stuff is there, my place is there…

Do you find it different to living in Adelaide?

I mean, there’s upsides and downside, it’s such a mega city where everything’s so saturated, but I find the positives and negatives, it’s so big you can choose your type of life and who to live around, and the cultures aren’t so different.

Yeah, I’ve been on an exchange program to Perth in UWA, and it’s not difficult adjusting, but being there alone stood out to me when it came to finding myself there.

Yeah, we’ve probably had similar situations, putting yourself out there and making friends, and finding a group to rely on in a different place!

What are your goals for the next couple of years? Post album and post tour, that is.

Just looking to keep music coming, that’s usually what I keep as a centre piece for everything, as long as I keep music coming, keeping inspired, and keep on reading books and taking art and making my own art, everything stems from that.

What do you want people to take from your latest release?

I like to create a world a lot like our own except a few, minor adjustments, so I like to be able to take someone on a journey, if people feel that in my music, then that’s my goal.

I look forward to your show in Perth, I’ll be there in two months for the concert on the 17th!

Brill! Well I hope to see you there and hopefully we’ll shake hands. Thank you for your thoughtful comments!

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