Fremantle Winter Music Festival 2019: 5 bands you should check out

Fremantle Winter Music Festival 2019: 5 bands you should check out

Winter is upon us once again and along with it blows in RTRFM’s 13th annual winter music festival. Hosted across six North Fremantle venues, the thirty five act line-up is something to behold as landmarks such as Mojos, North Fremantle Bowls Club, The Guildhall, The Railway Lounge, Port Beach Garden Bar, the Swan Lounge and the Swan Basement are to be taken over this Saturday the 22nd, all distributing and spreading the talent as evenly as possible. But amongst all this chaos, who should you decide to go catch this brisk winter? What acts will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to battle the unforgiving Perth cold? We’ve compiled a top five list of RTRFM annual winter music festival acts that have been on our radar lately (in no particular order) and should be on yours too.

1.     Ghost Care

The three-piece Ghost Care have delivered gorgeous dreamy indie-rock tunes that transition from light, warm and easy-going guitar tones to grungy, catchy hooks, seamless basslines and fun, balanced drumming. Catch them at the Swan Lounge amongst other talented alternative acts this Saturday to fill you with some indie-rockin’ warmth.

Where: The Swan Lounge
When: 22nd June, 11:30-12:00pm

2.     Pricilla

Pricilla return back to earth a bit following their appearance at Fairbridge festival to play good old Mojos Bar. No other act is sure to fill you with the feeling of a comforting warmth of a wall of sweet, electronic pop sound that only Pricilla can deliver. Catchy melodies, mesmerizing vocals and awesome harmonies provided by a mix of heavy synth work and more vocals are offered by the talented group who will have no trouble helping you forget the bitterly chilly outdoors in favour of their warm ‘sound-blanket’.

Where: Mojos Bar
When: 22nd June, 10:00-10:40pm 

3.     Flossy

Making quite a splash recently in the Perth scene, the sister duo Flossy have amassed quite a local following over the past couple of years, and only mounting more and more traction, playing in support of Aussie legends Gyroscope, DZ Deathrays and recently announcing their appearance in Bigsound 2019. Together, the duo create a poppy, indie-rock soundscape ripe full of ingenious harmonisations intercut with stellar guitar tones, and even better guitar work encompassed by an electronic presence which guides Flossy into creating their own unique mould. Playing at the Port Beach Garden Bar, you don’t want to miss them as the foot-moving, fun, and electrifying environment they create is certainly one to watch out for.

Where: The Railway Hotel (Outside) – Port Beach Garden Bar
When: 22nd June, 10:30-11:10pm 

4.     Moth

Certainly not newcomers to the scene, Moth have been putting out excellent stuff for years. Bringing elements of 90’s rock (objectively the best music era) to the modern day but making it their own, this trio has been constantly blipping on our radar since their formation in 2014. Taking inspiration from legendary groups such as the Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead, Moth seamlessly transition from dreampop-esque drenched guitar tones into Billy Corgan inspired distortion and gain blasted solos and hooks that will leave you transfixed with the pure chemistry the group has developed and fostered over their years of playing. Certainly don’t miss them playing early at the Railway Hotel to experience some of the most nostalgic, yet unfamiliarly new thirty minutes this festival has to offer.

Where: The Railway Hotel (Inside)

When: 22nd June, 7:50-8:20pm

5.     Verge Collection

As absolute veterans of the scene, Verge Collection have returned from their studio-hibernation back to their roots of live-music after the very successful release of their debut album ‘Flanuer’, Verge Collection are back in the live game, after touring around Australia to share their indie-punk rock hybrid filled with relatable themes, tones, and smile inducing guitar melodies, riffs and dynamics that will take you back to your days of high-school. Also playing at the Railway Hotel alongside Moth, this venue is one to attend this festival and certainly not one to miss.

Where: The Railway Hotel (Inside)
When: 22nd June, 11:50-11:10pm

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