A Chat to Palais Ahead of Red Bull Sound Select Perth + End of Uni Playlist!

A Chat to Palais Ahead of Red Bull Sound Select Perth + End of Uni Playlist!

To celebrate the end of uni and the start of summer for 2017, Red Bull Sound Select is holding a nationwide tour to kickstart the celebrations. Sound good?

Well it gets better, because entry is free! This Sunday, Perth’s infamous Block Party will be hosting techno connoisseur Dylan iS, disco fiesta Father Figures and Perth’s own genre-defying Palais (Jeremy Smith). Taking place at The Resident, this Sunday sunset showdown will not be a party you'll want to miss!

Check out the artists' top 3 End of Uni playlist picks below! (Father Figures, Dylan iS and Palais in respective order)

Thankfully for us, we got the opportunity to chat to Jeremy Smith aka Palais (pronounced Pal-ay) ahead of his big night on Sunday.

Hey Jeremy, how you doing? How’s your day been?

JS: Yeah, good thanks. My day’s only just started but yeah, it’s good!

So the year’s coming to an end and as we all know, all the Year 12s are coming out of high school and heading out into the big world. It's a huge time for anyone, especially having to choose what path they want to go down. Did you go to uni and if so, what did you do?

JS: I kind of went to uni — I went to SAE and did a Bachelor’s degree. So it wasn’t your typical UWA experience, but yeah, I kinda did that and that was fine.

So did you have any top tips for surviving that uni grind?

JS: Coffee.

Coffee hey?

JS: Coffee and Cramming. Like, do every assignment the night before it’s due.

Can't tell you how relatable that is! Do you have any particular songs that got you through uni? Or at least remind you of it, for better or for worse?

JS: Oh I don’t know! But the Phoenix album was pretty great; I listened to that on repeat a lot. Heaps of the Daft Punk's Alive 2007 as well...

Ooooooh. I gotta say, Phoenix is always on our radar. Love their new stuff.

JS: Yeah! So really, a lot of pump-up albums to get you working — and classical music as well, it's pretty good. I'd recommend it!

Now we're talking. What kind? Tchaikovsky, Chopin?

JS: Chopin, Mozart — y’know, the classics of course. Ah, Bach, Beethoven, yeah.

That’s cool, we're really seeing the whole spectrum here! As far all your gigs go, what’s been the memorable one you’ve played so far?

JS: Recently, it would most definitely have to be the last Pineapple Club. I think that’s the most people I’ve played to at any one time as well. It was a nice venue, everybody was really nice and I think I played in front of like 8,000 people or something, which is crazy!

Were there any nerves?

JS: Ah, a little bit. But as soon as you play you sort of become another person, really. I just leave the 'normal' me backstage.

Do you leave the classical music backstage too?

JS: Haha, yeah, of course!

With that said, I'm guessing you're all ready for your Red Bull gig!

JS: Ah, tell you what — I might do some stuff tomorrow at work, and then on Sunday morning, and then I’ll be ready.

Leaving things to the night before, I love it. I'm seeing a trend!

JS: Yeah haha!

It's a uni throwback!

JS: Yep, exactly.

Well just wanted to say: good luck with your gig! We’ll be coming down and we’re all looking forward to those classical tunes.

JS: Ahaha yeah, I’ll drop a Mozart!

Absolutely, we’ll see you then. Thanks!

JS: Thanks guys, have a good day!

RSVP here to see Palais in action this Sunday!

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Origin NYE: The festival that just keeps giving!

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