Rooftop Movies 2013/14 Summer

Rooftop Movies 2013/14 Summer

Are you a fan of rooftops?

Do you dig movies?

Do you have friends?

If your answer is “Hells to the yeah!” to all of the above (that last one is optional), then boy oh boy do we have some splendidful news for you. From the beautiful minds behind Fringe World Festival, Rooftop Movies is returning for the summer, running from 31st of October 2013 all the way til April next year.

From old school classics to newly-released indie flicks, movies will be screened at the top floor of the Roe Street City of Perth Carpark

“Well that’s great and everything, but you’re being really vague about which movies are showing. What’s up with that?”

Well if you could WAIT for a few more seconds, hypothetical impatient reader, you’ll have find out. Sheesh.

Anyway, here are some of Rooftop Movies’ offerings that we’re excited about:


The Big Lebowski 

Coen Brothers mania, Dude! By popular demand, everyone’s (arguably) favourite movie by Ethan and Joel Coen “The Big Lebowski” will be kicking off Chooseday Tuesdays on November 5, 8pm! Not enough for your Coen Brothers fix? Well then, make sure to catch the showing another Coen Brothers film, the George Clooney-starring Burn After Reading on Wednesday 20th of November.


Fantastic Mr. Fox 

Not a fan of the cussing? They are showing family-friendly films too, like Wes Anderson’s stop-motion masterpiece “Fantastic Mr. Fox” on the 1st of December, as well as Miyazaki’s award-winning animated film “Spirited Away on November 17.


Teen Wolf 

Also, Rooftop Movies has caught the 80s fever, and is bringing back classics like Dirty Dancing (19 November), Teen Wolf, and Blade Runner to the big screen.


Honourable mentions: Make sure to catch the fetch-est teen comedy of all time on the big screen (again) on November 26, and if you’ve missed it the first time around, Woody Allen’s latest effort, the Cate Blanchett- and Louis CK- starring Blue Jasmine(November 9), as well as Noah Baumbach’s  “Frances Ha(November 13).

So there. Specific enough for you?

“You haven’t told us where to get tickets, buddy. What is this, amateur hour?”

Right. Tickets are available here. You’re welcome and get booking.  

Howie Ng

slowly going insane 


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