Great Gable gives a mountain of a show for their latest EP Modern Interactions

I remember seeing [Great Gable] around two years ago, playing to about 15 people at the 459 Bar. Yes guys, I remember your cover of Paul Simon’s ’50 Ways To Leave Your Lover’. A truly great choice. Anyways, before this gets a little off track, Gable closed their set with the powerhouse new Foals guitar-tinged track ‘All Day Long’. Leaving the room ringing as they left, it did not take much to see why these guys pull the crowd they do.

Theatre Review: 'Laika' Reaches Stratospheric Heights

At the hands of master craftsman and director Scott McArdle, a transformation occurs: the story of the Soviet space race goes from a strong script, eloquent and thought provoking but still a mere script, into the play embodied by five superb actors and a genius sound guy at the Blue Room Theatre this month. This feat is comparable to the launching of a man into space, just as worthy of applause but far more successful.