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Review: Northbridge Brewing Company

On Saturday night, a few friends and I went to check out the latest (and arguably coolest) venue in Northbridge, the Northbridge Brewing Company. Located on the edge of the Piazza on Lake St, Northbridge Brewing Company is a formidable sight, with a rooftop bar offering city views while you drink.

Record Store Day 2014: Perth Edition

Record Store Day has come again, and with it, a slew of choice pickings from artists as diverse as Nirvana and Slipknot available at various stores about Perth. With plenty of well-established stores around Perth, (and some established chains trying to sell records…JB…) where will be the best places to find the gem, hang, chill and soak in vibes?

Restyle Photo-a-day Opshop Challenge

 I don’t consider myself a ‘vintage maven’, as I usually don’t shop for pre-loved items unless I see them in current fashion boutique stores. Despite this, I decided to take up the challenge and explore the world of vintage during the month of August. Every day the Restyle Challenge offered a new style prompt to which you must feature a vintage outfit, or vintage garment, that follows that particular style. 

The Thing About Traveling Part 2

If you want to experience real America, there's nothing stopping you. But will you have as much fun as when you are in a tourist playground? The sad reality is that although we might think we want to expand our horizons, experience foreign culture  and revel in the different, we spend the large majority of our travel time and money in tourist havens that are unmistakably the antithesis of what we like to think travel is about. 

Alfred's Kitchen

Some things in a city are popular because they are fun. Others attain a following due to their inherent and newly acquired brilliance. Still, others reach a higher status. They become an institution. So it goes with Guildford’s famous burger establishment, Alfred’s Kitchen.

RSD 2013: Perth Edition

It's that time of year, where music enthusiasts and collectors alike fight each other to the death for 'that' release. And with an amazing list of special releases lined up for us this year, the question is; Where do we go?​