INTERVIEW: Self-empowerment & Synaesthesia with Millie Turner

INTERVIEW: Self-empowerment & Synaesthesia with Millie Turner

UK pop artist Millie Turner has recently released her new single, titled ‘Ride This Train’, which speaks about self-empowerment and overcoming obstacles. Not to mention, she has an upcoming 12-date tour throughout the UK and Europe with grunge-pop artist Tove Lo in March.

The lovely Turner spoke to us about her new singles, upcoming debut album, inspirations and more!

‘Ride This Train’ is your latest release and is the embodiment of self-empowerment and overcoming obstacles. What was the songwriting process behind it?

I wanted to write something that I need to hear a lot of the time. The idea of hope and strength.

‘Ride This Train’ is a mixture of alt-pop music with lo-fi beats and synths, which was produced by David Turley. How was working with him in creating the song?

He is someone who is easy to talk to about topics that are uplifting and empowering, so working and creating with him on this song was empowering in itself.

In March, you are supporting Tove Lo on a 12-date tour throughout the UK and Europe. Are you looking forward to spending that time with Tove Lo and being able to perform your music?

Yes, she sounds like a cool person to hang out with, can't wait to get to know her more and of course perform to her incredible fans who are so committed to the music. It’s all incredible really!

You have already released both ‘Swimming Pool’ and ‘Ride This Train’ for your debut album. Is there anything you can tell us about the process of creating the album and what you learned from it?

I like to keep a book for the album and tell the story of it in the book. Music speaks to me through visuals so I draw visuals for each song, that capture the mood and themes behind it.

The music video for “Ride This Train” was directed by Vasilisa Forbes. How was the experience collaborating with her and capturing the visuals for the song?

Valissa is incredibly easy to work with, supportive with my ideas and concepts, and then enhancing them and bring them to life. It was an honour to work with her on this. The experience of shooting it was incredible, I love involving dance and collaborating with some professional dancers was a great experience for me. I’m really excited for future collaborations.

Growing up in the UK, were there any artists that inspired you when you first started becoming inspired to be music? Who are some of your favourite artists coming out of the UK recently?

A lot of British musicians, such as Paloma Faith, Florence and the Machine, to some older acts such as Bowie and Queen. At the moment, London is such a hub of insanely talented artists such as Joy Crookes, Mahalia and Jorja Smith. I love them all; they’re very inspiring!

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