POP VULTURE: Cool & Smart Boys

POP VULTURE: Cool & Smart Boys

Melbourne comedy duo Barney Pollock and Matt Young take you aboard an otherworldly train ride to Paradise. This hour of sketch comedy is equal parts joyful and dark; think maggots with grand plans, fraternity boys with regret and a man made entirely of ice-cream. Paradise! is a colourful absurdist romp through the realm of desire and validation. 

Hello Cool & Smart Boys, so how long have you thought you were funny?


M: I’ve been bad at sports since Prep so I’ve been developing this sweet defence mechanism since then.

When is your podcast dropping?

B: Being 25 years old I still have 5 years to create a podcast before the artbro/softboy society of australia kicks me out and chops my head off.

M: What he’s trying to say is that we’ve recorded several and they’re too embarrassing to release.

What is your show about?

B: It’s about wanting really big things for yourself but sucking really hard at getting them.

M: ...and also a guy made of animal cum.

Charming. Now let us talk about what you’re really here for… What do you think about Isolated Nation, do you think we have our finger on the pulse?

B: You guys are very cool. Can we hang out when I’m in town?

M: We’re only a few Qs in, I’m not sold.

Do you like Perth, if so why? If not, why not?

B: I love this city! Last time I was in the Perth CBD two separate strangers told me, to my face, that they were going to kill me. People aren't honest like that on the east coast.

M: I’ve never been to Perth and I’ve never really wanted to. I’m terrified of the heat but that Quokka island gives me butterflies.

Are we in a Perth-aesthetics bubble at the moment? Before that we had plate-spotting. Do you know of any memorable plates?

We live in fucking Melbourne dude.

What is your opinion on the Perth to Melbourne exodus? Care to comment?

You do you hun.

Are the jacarandas any good in Melbourne?

B: I’m gonna be honest, they suck.

M: Are they the trees that smell like jizz in springtime?

What is your opinion on the Perth-meme subculture?

We’re so sorry about what we said before, can you guys get us into the meme subculture? We’re banging at the door of relatable Perth content. Please. We really need a laugh.

In your view what is next for Perth? Are there any notable trends coming out of Melbourne that we should be aware of?

B: Crazy bones! They are everywhere at the moment. Jump on this trend now or get left behind in the dust. The dust from the bones.

M: I’m hearing a lot of rumblings about Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Make your pillows and your night-time visions smell like Wild Chamomile.

What is your favourite outer metropolitan suburb of Perth & why?

Kfc, Hungry Jacks, Subway and Coles - Dogswamp babyyyyy!

Transperth Yay or Nay?

B: In High school I used to catch the 424 Bus and one of the bus drivers who drove that route would play the harmonica at every set of traffic lights. So obviously yay.

Tell us about WAAPA, are the parties as crazy as they say?

B: Ask my boy Hugh Jackman about the time I snorted coke off his dick.

What is on your 'to-see' list for Fringe this year?

Bella Green is Charging for it

Fylleangst - Ben Russell

Top 5 favourite instagram accounts?


Thoughts on iconic Western Australian Tim Winton? He is pretty polarising... As men of the ARTS, what side of the fence do you sit on?

B: I grew up reading Winto and it was only recently I discovered that so many people seem to really hate him. Everyone should check out @timmwinto on twitter. In my opinion THAT is the greatest piece of writing this country has ever produced.

M: I was trying to give away some books recently and someone commented on the copy of Shepherd’s Hut saying “also that Tim Winton (I know ew gross but I haven’t read yet)” and I didn’t realise he was cancelled or w/e. It was my first book of his I’d read but my sister was obsessed with him and there was a painting she did based on a few lines from Breath hanging in our toilet for my entire childhood.

Favourite ABC show?

B: Sam Simmons problems is my all time favourite however more recently I really enjoyed Working Dogs Utopia. Becky Lucas and Cameron James’ Fresh Blood entry Be your Own Boss was also bloody great.

M: A bunch of people we know were in The Housemate which is real good too.

What is comedy to you?

B: The Mighty Boosh, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Flowers

M: Peep Show, Arrested Development, Community. I’m gonna be pissed cause I’ve definitely forgotten something.

Have you ever been concussed in the course a performance? Tell us about the dangers of your craft…

B: Yeah one time I died. Thank God that's over!

M: Before a high school performance one of my castmates spear-tackled another guy into a stool and knocked him out. He spewed everywhere and we still laugh about it but it’s one of those laughs where we actually think the guy’s an arsehole.

Favourite comedian?

B: Judith Lucy + Noel Fielding + John Mulaney.

M: James Acaster + John Mulaney.

Who is killing it in the comedy scene in Australia right now?.

B: Sam Campbell’s 2018 show ‘The Trough” was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I also reckon Space Force are going to have a huge MICF.

M: Rose Bishop and Elyce Phillips are both doing about a hundred things at a time in Melbourne, Hit By A Blimp are a cool sketch group there too. Also yes we love Sam Campbell and Tom Walker please notice us please.

What are some things you are looking forward to in 2019?

B: 1.Love.

2. Chest Hair

3. My Birthday 5th of December at the Great Northern. C u there!

M: I’m going to London in September and can’t wait to escape this political hellscape for a far worse one.

Check out Paradise as part of The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights program at Fringe World, showing from 12th - 16th of February 2019.

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