Sean Coffey
Co-founder & Editor
Co-founder and editor. Sean is an engineer by day, amateur gamer and film & tv enthusiast by night.  He loves rainy days, open-ended questions, politics and science. Can often be found destroying himself with a combination soft drink, fatty foods, a lack of exercise and seated in front of a screen of some kind. 


Sarah Marshman
Senior Editor
Sarah is a former rhythmic gymnast turned lawyer. She is passionate about languages, advocacy, yoga and all forms of art. In her downtime, she is often found sporting a pink robe, engrossed in a foreign film or tv series.


Howie Ng
Senior, Film & TV Editor
A real-life embodiment of fictional character Max Fischer from the Wes Anderson masterpiece Rushmore, Howie only understands the world through the filters of tv and film. Despite being a psychologist-in-training, Howie dreams of the day where he can run a small country where mandatory beanie-wearing is law. 




Angelique Tuffnell
Angelique (who often goes by her self-appointed nom de plumme, childish angino) is an avid overwatcher of Netflix and overlistener of wax. She is impassioned with current world issues, puns, breakfast foods and op shop bargains to an off-putting extent. Angie spends most of her time reconsidering the point of her Honours Degree and deciding if she's enough of a masochist to do a PhD. 


Luke Bartlett
Co-founder, Editor
Luke is a mechanical engineer, a cyclist and vinyl enthusiast. He has a sometimes crippling obsession with craft beer, real music and proper tv comedy. It's Always Sunny in Perth.




Daniel Morey
Dan is a music tragic, coffee addict, lover of words, confessed thespian, TV show binge watcher and procrastinator. In his spare time, he can probably be found in a cafe somewhere in Perth muttering to himself about music or the current state of Australian politics. That, or Lord of the Fries.


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Rachel Yeo
Rachel is a part-time copywriter and a full-time tea addict, who remains indecisive with a passion. Wherever possible she will try to convert you into being a silent disco enthusiast. She also feels strongly about pretentious films, and laughs at a ludicrous amount of things.




Meg Neale
Meg is an abnormally small human who has a penchant for making your mum feel uncomfortable and a habit of stealing dogs as her own. She enjoys films and wine she can drink out of a cask. She is studying writing (no it's not journalism) and her goal is to stop falling over/breaking things as much.


Ronan O'Neill
Science Nation Editor
Inquisitive and generally overexcited, Ronan spends his time between working on Master of Biotechnology project and writing on synthetic biology. Some call him an East Vic Park local, you can find Ronan at Antz Inya Pantz, The Balmoral, Noodle Combo, or a combination of all three. Ronan would call that a good day.


Tom Camp
Tom is a law graduate and failed actor, swapping roles as a chlamydia sufferer for robes. With a keen interest in words and life,  Tom seeks to explore ideas, places and people in his writing. A big fan of Guildford. Tom keeps up his acting career by 'pretending' to have no friends. 


James Hunt
James is a ruthlessly inquisitive soul whom is still grappling with the inherent meaninglessness of our earthly existence. You can often find him trying to substantiate his unfounded opinions on everything from music to the esoteric with an inexhaustible fervour.


Max Mairata
Max is an undergraduate student at UWA majoring in Communication & Media Studies, minoring in History and kinda sorta minoring in English too (he’ll explain it in person). Max is an avid traveller, explorer and aspiring author, he has a keen interest in political ideologies and personality tests and enjoys long walks on the volcano.


Hannah Quy
Hannah is an architect in training. She carries a pen + sketchbook wherever she goes and has a keen eye for art + design. She is often found staring into blank space, outer space and beautiful spaces. Her most precious possessions are her collection of rings that she would feel bare without.


Tanya Voltchanskaya
Tanya is a freelance photographer and cinematographer. She once aspired to be a guitarist before realising she’s absolutely terrible and picked up a camera instead. Coffee rules everything around her. When she’s not shooting she’s probably looking at dog videos. She feels strongly about gender equality and 90s music.