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Great Gable gives a mountain of a show for their latest EP Modern Interactions

I remember seeing [Great Gable] around two years ago, playing to about 15 people at the 459 Bar. Yes guys, I remember your cover of Paul Simon’s ’50 Ways To Leave Your Lover’. A truly great choice. Anyways, before this gets a little off track, Gable closed their set with the powerhouse new Foals guitar-tinged track ‘All Day Long’. Leaving the room ringing as they left, it did not take much to see why these guys pull the crowd they do.

Death in the Outback

Healthcare in Australia’s Aboriginal communities is hindered by a long history of racial discord between very different cultures. Georgina Kenyon discovers the story of one young woman who died in the 1980s, and asks whether anything has changed since.

What Girls Talk About

Women are mysterious creatures. I, myself, identify as a woman. I have a vagina and other magical traits. However, I am puzzled by ‘my kind’ almost indefinitely. We are a world of confusion that continues to both reinforce and challenge stereotypes that have been cast upon us. I cannot imagine what the opposite sex might think.