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Theatre Review: Black Swan's Thrilling, Insightful 'Switzerland'

As one of Australia’s most acclaimed playwrights, Joanna Murray-Smith is truly at her peak in Switzerland. What I discovered during this 100 minute psychological thriller of a play (in its own right) about one of the greatest contributors to said genre of the 20th century (that is, Patricia Highsmith) was a highly riveting and suspenseful probing of the human condition, the modern world, and a tiny glimpse into the mind of a great writer.

Theatre Review: Tamagotchi Reset

Tamagotchi Reset is kind of like this amalgam of a Bill Wurtz video, a lecture, an argument, and some very interesting (albeit obscure) historical storytelling. The writing shines in this piece, and the Blue Room, the sound, the lighting; these all help to make sure that what is said gets through to the audience.