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Charming and open to all comers, there is a sense of community to Yardstock. It’s part of the celebration and embrace of the west coast chill. A journey over 5 backyards and spaces in coastal suburbia and thirteen acts provides a day of easy pleasure.

Midland Grain Silo

Every now and then, you’ll find somewhere that captures you. One of my spots is the Midland Grain Silo. What was a huge symbol of agricultural history of Midland, is now a hotspot for street art.

The Home that Meth Destroyed

This house did hold some treasures for us. In the front rooms we noticed elaborate tales scribbled on the walls. They documented a relationship falling apart, the existence of drug habits, and the struggle of the writer or writers to comprehend what they were confronted with.

Where's My Meal?

I do my fair share of eating out. I frequent some of the most delicious new establishments around town.
I am rarely disappointed, and for that I am thankful. It is unfortunate that a gap is arising. Do we have too many tapas bars?

The Castle-Austin

The Austin-tatiously named Castle in Austin is famous for its unique street art adorned walls of concrete. Situated below what does indeed appear to be a modern castle, there is the unfinished structure of some building or other that for reasons unknown has been left as a canvas for those who use the spray can as their artistic instrument.

Caribbean Curiosity

Walking down one of Key West's major historical streets I spy an old abandoned shack. Naturally the place piqued my interest. It's not everyday you get to explore the remnants of a Caribbean construction.

Urban Mansion

​After venturing about various North Perth haunts, and a railway museum (it was a busy night, interrupted only by ABC’s The Elegant Gentlemens’s Guide To Knife Fighting), we phoned a friend looking for something more.