INTERVIEW: The cast of Super-FANNY-Tastic discuss their creation

INTERVIEW: The cast of Super-FANNY-Tastic discuss their creation

If you’re looking for a show that will make you laugh and cry, look no further than Super-FANNY-Tastic. Directed by Michelle Endersbee and featuring Clare Thomson, Angela Scaturro and Caitlin McFeat, this funny, heartfelt show brings honesty centre stage. I was lucky enough to be able to chat to the stars of the show and get a further look into their thoughts on Super-FANNY-Tastic.

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IN: How did the three of you get involved with Super-FANNY-Tastic?

Clare: Super-Fanny-Tastic started as a conversation between Rosie Oldham (writer) and myself. We were continuously sharing stories between one another and wanted to put these conversations on the stage, removing the taboos surrounding the fanny. From here, we got together an amazing team of women who have these same values. We believe that it’s important for young women to feel empowered and have a voice, and theatre is a great platform to be able to do this.

Ange: I knew Rosie (one of the writers) from university, and she encouraged me to audition for the show. This was my first acting role and I was immediately made to feel comfortable and welcomed by the team.

Caitlin: I heard about the project through Michelle (director), as we went to uni together. I read a few draft monologues and loved the themes being explored, so she asked me to be a part of the show as a performer. I met the rest of the team and we started exploring things from there.

IN: What’s your favourite part of the show?

Ange: My favourite part of the show is the game shows scenes because they were so much fun to write and it’s still so much fun to perform with Caitlin and Clare. I also love how educational they are and that they’re such a high point of the show.

Caitlin: Oh man, there are so many great parts to choose from. I think my favourite part would be the song we sing at the end, as that’s something we all wrote together and it’s a lot of fun every time we perform it.

Clare: My favourite part of the show is when we’re onstage all together, not only highlighting this bond between the three us, but allowing the audience to be included in the journey.

IN: What do you hope audiences will take away from the show?

Clare: I hope this show not only empowers women, but it also educates and sparks conversations between people sharing their own experiences.

Ange: The message that I hope people take away from this show is that these topics are things we shouldn’t be ashamed about and that these stories should be shared. If it makes at least one person feel like they’re not alone in their experiences and to share their own stories, I feel like we’ve succeeded.

Caitlin: I hope that audiences will take away the knowledge that it’s okay to talk and share sexual related experiences that might still be “taboo” in society, as it’s such an important and great way for people to create connections and empathy and understanding.

IN: Do you have a favourite Fringe show?

Caitlin: I loved Blueberry Play which I saw in the first week of Fringe, and I’m looking forward to seeing Bitch on Heat and 600 Seconds, as part of the Summer Nights Program.

Ange: My favourite fringe show from this season so far is probably Machè: Repose. Watching the incredible performers subvert the traditional stereotypes of drag in such a unique way was so fantastic to watch. My favourite Fringe show I’ve ever seen would have to be We Are Ian, from last year’s Fringe run. Watching three women make a such a strong comment on youth culture in the 90s in a way I’d never seen before was so amazing to watch and brought something entirely new to the festival.

Clare: Am I allowed to say my favourite Fringe show is ours?

IN: Any plans for Super-FANNY-Tastic in the future?

Ange: In regards to the show, I truly hope we can continue inspiring conversations with our audiences and be able to bring new experiences and perspectives to the show as it progresses further.

Caitlin: For this show I would love it continue to grow, evolve and share a wider perspective of stories and reach more audiences. The team is always asking “Okay, what’s next?”. I really love that about us.

Clare: We hope to continue to have these conversations and produce work through our theatre company that is empowering, educational and breaks down the barriers.

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